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I am asking everyone to say some prayers for my friends in the Philippines who suffered a 6.9 earthquake yesterday at about 10 p.m. our time. My girl Maria lives about 40 miles south of the earthquake area. I called her cell phone just 15 minutes after the earthquake and she said the pictures were […]

Woo Hoo! A New Record!

Today with the hard economic times you keep hearing about on the national news, I thought I would be having difficulty raising money for my annual MDA drive.  In spite of that, my donors and I surpassed our goal was a record year for my fundraising.  A huge thanks to everyone who contributed!  You are […]


A big thanks to my buddy Scott Sands for his eloquent tribute to me on my 50th birthday. See:

A Big Blowout

As unbelievable as it seems to myself and others, I turned 50 years old on January 17, 2010.  The momentous event required a big celebration of course.  And it was GREAT, girls popping out of giant cakes, dancing girls clad in nothing but balloons!  I am telling you this party was incredible!  Then I woke […]

Christmas As Usual

It seems like Christmas came and went in a flash this year. Every year seems like it is speeding by faster than the last. But the few moments with friends and family make it worth riding along on this speeding train. We had a record attendance at our annual Christmas Eve party. I think maybe […]

No Go

If you remember my post in February “An Anniversary”, our attempts to obtain a tourist visa for my dear Maria so that she could be at my 50th birthday party were unsuccessful. She spent two weeks in Manila applying two times at the US Embassy for the visa. After the disappointments, we had to wait […]

We did it again this year!

Despite the hard economic times, we were still able to raise a record amount with my annual MDA Telethon drive. A huge thanks to everyone that dug into your pockets and contributed this year! I could not have done it without each and every one of you. The money collected will be used locally for […]

No Beer Sold Here…

In early June my caregiver and I took an excursion to the recently opened and much anticipated San Antonio Riverwalk extension. The city had just completed improvements to the San Antonio river upstream from downtown where the original Riverwalk is located. The northmost part of the extension is by the old Pearl Beer Brewery but […]

An Anniversary

February marks the anniversary of meeting someone very special to me. Her name is Maria and she lives in the Philippines. We met online in 2002 shortly before Valentine’s Day. We have stayed in touch the past seven years with over 1000 e-mails and chatting online by text and now voice and video whenever we […]