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Woo Hoo! A New Record!

Today with the hard economic times you keep hearing about on the national news, I thought I would be having difficulty raising money for my annual MDA drive.  In spite of that, my donors and I surpassed our goal was a record year for my fundraising.  A huge thanks to everyone who contributed!  You are […]


A big thanks to my buddy Scott Sands for his eloquent tribute to me on my 50th birthday. See:

A Big Blowout

As unbelievable as it seems to myself and others, I turned 50 years old on January 17, 2010.  The momentous event required a big celebration of course.  And it was GREAT, girls popping out of giant cakes, dancing girls clad in nothing but balloons!  I am telling you this party was incredible!  Then I woke […]

We did it again this year!

Despite the hard economic times, we were still able to raise a record amount with my annual MDA Telethon drive. A huge thanks to everyone that dug into your pockets and contributed this year! I could not have done it without each and every one of you. The money collected will be used locally for […]

Here We Are Again…

Well, it is August again and it’s time for my annual MDA Telethon fund drive…

Older Than…

I was watching the coverage of the inauguration of our new president and I realized that for the first time I am older than the president of the United States!  My 49th birthday was three days earlier and someone had made the comment “Man, you are older than dirt!”.  Now, I also realized I am […]


I want to thank everyone who contributed to the 2008 MDA drive. We beat last year’s record with a GRAND TOTAL of $15,055!!! Last year our total was $14,080, so we beat the previous year’s total again. This will help MDA continue its work toward a cure and its client service program which includes summer […]

That time again…

Wow, it’s time for my MDA fundraising drive already! This year my goal is $15,000. Last year I beat my goal of $12,500 by bringing in over $13,000! Somehow, I keep increasing my money raised every year and I have been doing this for nearly 20 years. It’s just shows that there are a lot […]