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Tick Tick tick…

How much time do I have left? Do I just get ready and be good and forget all my hopes and dreams? I think a lot of people would be disappointed terribly. On the other hand does anyone even know me well enough to realize that I have hope and dreams…? “Be a good sport, […]

Writer’s Block

I have not posted since September because I don’t know what to say. Should I stick to posting only inspirational positive messages or should I just post everything that comes to my mind? Living with this disease is not always easy thing to take. I could take you to some dark places that I find […]

Another 15 Seconds of Fame

I was contacted in early May by Bill Norman of MDA’s Quest Magazine asking if he could do a piece on their online edition about me turning 50. I answered his questions and sent him some photos and this is what came out:


In early October we took our almost annual vacation to Port Aransas Texas which is on the Gulf Coast just north of Corpus Christi. As usual, we took a long weekend leaving on Thursday and returning on Sunday. As before, my friend for over 30 years/former college roommate and his wife were with us at […]

No Beer Sold Here…

In early June my caregiver and I took an excursion to the recently opened and much anticipated San Antonio Riverwalk extension. The city had just completed improvements to the San Antonio river upstream from downtown where the original Riverwalk is located. The northmost part of the extension is by the old Pearl Beer Brewery but […]

Latest Recent Happenings

Here are several things that I meant to blog about in the last month but never got to it.  I started writing this post in November… First of all, we took a short vacation to the Gulf Coast in mid-October.. I went with my folks and my friend (who was my college roommate) and his […]

We will be okay

Well, the presidential election did not turn out the way I wanted but I am sure we as a nation will be okay. Our system works well with it’s guaranteed change of leader. The candidates made a lot of “promises” and that doesn’t mean anything except maybe give us an idea of where they are […]

The Main Thing That Matters…

With the election less than one month away, I am posting a link to an article that a friend sent to me. The article is about the main thing that matters to me, HUMAN LIFE and dignity. Something That Matters Please read.


I want to thank everyone who contributed to the 2008 MDA drive. We beat last year’s record with a GRAND TOTAL of $15,055!!! Last year our total was $14,080, so we beat the previous year’s total again. This will help MDA continue its work toward a cure and its client service program which includes summer […]

Great Weekend!

An old friend was in town this past weekend and we were able to spend a lot of time together. We had a great time laughing and talking most of the time. She had volunteered at MDA summer camp years ago and has now also in recent years. Anyway, we had spent time together at […]