I Am Published!

Back in April I responded to a posting on the DMD Pioneers mailing list titled “What the Heck is Glossopharyngeal Breathing?” stating that it was a technique also called “frog breathing” and I have been using it for years. The next day I was contacted to write an article for “Ventilator Assisted Living“.

When I frog breathe I use my tongue and pharynx (basically muscles in the throat) to assist my breathing when I have to breathe on my own (see article for more details).  It makes me look like a fish. I was doing it long before I learned the name from a med student at the muscular dystrophy clinic. I used the technique all the time before I started using a ventilator all the time.

Here is a link to the issue containing the article:

Ventilator-Assisted Living June 2010

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