MD Camp

I attended MDA Summer Camp through the South Texas Chapter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association in the summers of 1970 through 1983. Some of the people that I met at Camp are still close friends today. In this section, I hope to present a history of the South Texas MDA Camp and to provide a memory page for the people who attended and a tribute to those who are no longer with us.

MD Camp 1974 - Clyde & Harlan

MD Camp 1974 – Clyde & Harlan

 What can I say? It was 1974 and the flower children were still with us.

This is Clyde Boley and Harlan Robbins at the camp carnival after visiting the body painting booth.

South Texas 1974 MDA Camp was held at Camp Christian in Centerpoint, Texas.


Camp 1974

Camp 1974

This was also 1974 and these guys think it is the ’50s… it was dance night, so they were dressing for the event.


Pictured to the right: (background) Marguerite Lasley-MDA District Director and some guy in a hat… (in front on bench) unknown, Bob Breen and Bobby Eckert.

Below is a slideshow of photos taken with my camera at Camp in 1981. That was three years after the movie “Animal House” came out and the mania was still going on. Notice the togas on the dance night…


Camp 1982 - Our Unit

This is our Unit picture from the 1982 South Texas MDA Summer Camp
at Zephyr Baptist Encampment near Mathis, Texas on Lake Corpus Christi.
Front Row: Jack Bond, Gary Gray, Tom Mecke, Mike Sanchez, Dan Otley
Back Row: Larry Lyssey, Andrea Clemonns, Rick Bush, Larry Boldt, Stephen Tips,?,?