Saturday sucked

I don’t know what it is, a personality flaw, just the way it is… or what? Seem like no one was around at all to talk to. Yes, my parents are around the house but can’t really relate or find anything to talk about. Well… we did talk about how to bring my girl Maria over from the Philippines but they decided there’s not enough room in the house for another person so I should just forget it. I guess love and maintaining a relationship for 10 years makes no difference. Too bad to sad. Lucky you have what you have so don’t push it toward any ridiculous dreams and goals.

Then another Saturday evening unmotivated and playing endless games of solitaire. The old folks were reading the newspaper in the den and watching TV at a very high volume. Is that so much ask to have someone on my own. Everyone else is busy with their lives. I’m just trying to get a life. I’ve been working on it just to be told to forget it. Now doesn’t that suck?

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