I am asking everyone to say some prayers for my friends in the Philippines who suffered a 6.9 earthquake yesterday at about 10 p.m. our time. My girl Maria lives about 40 miles south of the earthquake area. I called her cell phone just 15 minutes after the earthquake and she said the pictures were falling off of the walls during the quake. She was going to check the house for any damage and maybe go up to the city to check our Internet cafĂ© equipment for damage. I went to bed thinking it was minor until I read the news online… she’s okay but I wish I would have called her back to see how bad the aftershocks were.

I have talked to her the next morning now. When Maria went to city and was in the store checking on the equipment, another aftershock came through and everyone ran out of the building into the street. I think at that point, the electric power went off. The aftershocks continued into the evening, and then a tsunami alert was issued and everyone was told to get to higher ground away from coastal areas. She spent the night at a friend of her brother’s in the mountains.. When I got through to her it was about 8:30 a.m. Tuesday morning.. The original earthquake had been Monday 11:49 a.m.. She was going to go back to the house to check on things. The tsunami alert had been lifted.

So far, the damage seems to be minor in the area in which she lives. Thank God. But in the area where the maximum damage occurred, at least 25 people lost their lives, mostly due to falling structures and mudslides caused by the earthquake. Please pray for those families.

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